ActionCOACH Jakarta Presents: CEO Scorecard (Testimonial) On February 27-28, 2020, ActionCOACH Jakarta have conducted CEO Scorecard event where CEOs from wide-variety of businesses ranging in multiple industries are gathered on a full 2-days workshop session focusing on unwrapping the 5 substantial disciplines for exponential business growth including: 1. Strategy 2. Business Development 3. People 4. Execution 5. Mission into the organization To understand and improve on: How to determine the right criteria, responsibility and functions of a perfect CEO for your business? How to find the perfectly suitable CEO for your business? How do you measure your CEO performance on a regular basis? How do you reward your CEO on his/her achievement? Because Business Owners or CEO will determine the fate of the business. Outstanding leaders will lead the team towards impactful execution process. In short, the success of your business not only depend on your gun, but who holds the ‘top’ gun. Facilitated by: Coach Cahyadi Kurniawan (Senior Business & Executive Coach) Coach Cahyadi have gone through the peak of his professional career in a multinational company for 22 years and now he has been focusing on being a Business & Executive Coach for 12 years, aiming at helping the C-level suites. Coach Cahyadi believe that businesses can be run with the simplest way exist and build upon strong foundation of management. Mr. Halim Chandra (A Blend of Professional and Business Practitioner) Mr. Halim is a successful hands on corporate carrier, from establishing, running, growing and finishing through with high value divestment of 2 chemical manufacturing companies to MNC owner of several establishments that is running on autopilot without his presence. Don’t worry if you miss this event as CEO Scorecard WILL BE BACK soon.